Future Insight Maps

Social Architects for Complex Issues


FIM Consultancy

Future Insight Maps is the home of the pioneers behind these Systemic Thinking Methods and Practices. They have researched and piloted techniques and tools “custom-designed” for unique, “invisible” but complex issues.


WindTunneling innovative web based application to enable organisations and social enterprises to gather the wealth of knowledge its participants hold. WT helps to make sense of all that has been hidden until now.



TheFULCRUM is a social learning platform, community, and path of development for young leaders or individuals who seek to take initiative in the world.  It is not a university, corporate training program, or “drop in” community, although it has aspects of each.  At heart, it is “guided self-education” that is highly social.

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Every complex issue is unique, there are no out of the box solutions
to real world problems so do yourself and your organization a
favour and chat to us today.

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