Our Clients

We are a consulting firm with offices in Australia, Bangkok, and California.  We work with national, state, and local governments.  We work with the largest global companies and small, rural communities.  Our experience is evolving actively over the decades.  To see what clients say about us, scroll down the page.


Baxter Pharmaceutical
Refreshing Global Views

Coca Cola
Systemic Perspectives of Changing Markets

Kabota Asia
Stakeholder Coherence

Krung Thai Bank
Participatory Leadership

Liverpool University, UK
Learning Systemic Thinking

Eli Lily
Participatory Leadership

EU – Catchment Mangement
Cross-Border Coherence

Corporate Resilience

Role in Climate Change Resolution

Red Bull
Participatory Leadership

TC Pharmaceuticals
Internal Coherence

Thailand Frozen Foods
Internal Coherence and Global Consequences of Change

European Commission, DG1 Danube River Ecological Education Centers

Anthroposophical Society of America
Systemic Stakeholder Engagement for Complexity

European Union – Racial Tolerance Commission
Integrating Diversity

The Center for Critical Thinking, Sonoma State University, CA
Director of Research and Publications

ICSW International Council of Social Welfare
Global Resource Sharing

Institute for Environmental Entrepreneurship
GreenMBA Program Design and Curriculum, Marketing

Internal Coherence

National Australia Bank
Stakeholder Engagement

Open University, UK
Learning Systemic Thinking

Dominican University of California
Director, Center for Sustainability 2007-2009

Thammasatt University
Learning Systemic Thinking

Warner Lambert
Systemic Leadership

Westpac Banking Corporation
Internal Coherence and Innovation

Wind Harvest International, Belgium
Strategic Planning

National and Regional
University of Michigan Library
Dynamic Strategic Planning

BIG-10 Academic Alliance
Design Team for the BIG-Collection- systemic design and leadership to aggregate 15 research libraries

California State Bar Judicial Council
Planning and Exploration Related to Diversity

California Labor Relations Board
Strategic Planning using WindTunneling engaging all employees and stakeholders

Department of Disaster Mangement, AU
Stimulation of Innovation

CA Department of Fair Employment and Housing
Stakeholder Engagement to Support Strategic Planning

CA Alcohol Beverage Control
Stakeholder Engagement to Support Strategic Planning

Los Angeles Department of Water and Power
Strategic Planning

Dairy Australia
Strategic Risk Management for Climate Change

California Department of Corrections
Critical Thinking Course for Top Management

Australian Attorney General and Justice Department
Internal Coherence

Thailand Institute of Justice
Integration of Multiple Expert Perspectives

Uniting Church of AU
Meeting Needs of Outback People

California Municipal Utilities Association
Knowledge Mapping Deregulation for the Legislature/Cities

DDB Needham (National Advertising Agency)
Architect of the Message from CPUC for California’s Deregulation

California Public Utilities Commission, Consumer Services Division
Lead Consultant for the Director

Aerkus College – Oslo, Norway
Learning Systemic Thinking

Australia Catholic University
Learning Systemic Thinking

Australian Taxation Office
Development and Implementation of New Paradigms

Business Council of Australia
Engaging Diversity

California Department of Consumer Affairs
Internal Coherence for Resilience

Chief Executive Officers Institute
Sweeping In Multiple Perspectives

City of Anaheim
Critical Thinking Course for Top Management

City of Roseville
Integrated Communications for City Council/Employees

Department of Education, Victoria
Internal Coherence

Department of Medical Sciences, Thailand
Internal Coherence

Emergency Management AU
Thinking Beyond the Obvious to 2nd and 3rd Order Consequences

Green Capital, AU
Communicating to Non-Stakeholders

Imada Wong Communications
SF – Outreach to Asian Communities

Macquarie University
Learning Systemic Thinking

MK Restaurants, Thailand
Systemic Leadership

Murray-Darling Basin Commission
Competition to Collaboration

National Water Commission AU
Systemic Integration of Change Factors

Northern California Power Authority (Joint Powers Agency)
Strategic Planning, Education as Marketing
Complexity and StoryTelling, Emergence

Office of Civil Service Commission, Thailand
Systemic Future Planning and Management, Coherence Mapping

Pacific Power
Systemic Leadership

Rogers & Associates (Los Angeles)
Architect of the Message for PR Coordinating Agency

Runyon Saltzman Einhorn (Sacramento PR/Ad Agency)
Department of Health Services Planning

Southern California Leadership Council
Develop Knowledge Map: California Under Pressure, The Landscape of Leadership 2008-2028

Southern California Public Power Authority (Joint Powers Agency)
Strategic Planning

WELL Network and the Institute at the Golden Gate
Develop and facilitate the Fort Baker Leadership Summits, Spring 2009

Women’s Electoral Lobby
Empowering Every Woman’s Voice


Casa Esperanza, Los Angeles
Community Supported Policing

Shoal City Council
Engaging Diversity and Futuring

Swan Hill City Council
Coherent Integration of Community Services

Catholic Care in Wollongong
Engaging Diversity

Delicate Rural Community
Community Coherence

Department of Environment and Heritage
Stakeholder Awareness and Engagement

Jervis Bay Tourism Association
Stakeholder Needs Coherence

Kerang Learning Center
Learning Into the Future After Disaster

Local Community Services Association AU
Services Coherence

Macquarrie University 2100
Collective Sourcing of Innovation

National Arts Council of AU
From Competition to Collaboration

National Youth Affairs, AU
Empowering Youth’s Voice

Northern Territory Cattleman’s Association
Understanding Market Complexity

Nyah Salinity Action Plan
Local Collaboration for Change

Queensland Schools Council
Internal Coherence

Royal Automobile Association AU
Beyond Today’s Boundaries

Sacramento Municipal Utilities District
Critical Thinking Courses for Top Management

Salvation Army, Sacramento
Strategic Planning for a Village Complex in the Inner City

Technical and Further Education, NSW AU
Learning Systemic Thinking

Victorian Department of Agriculture
Balancing Conflicting Demands

It is important to also know what our clients say about us:

“The experience gained in the first Fort Baker Summit series (Developed/Led by Jane Lorand and Bruce McKenzie) was immediately put to use in the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power’s launch of the Solar LA Plan.  The interchange and strategic exercises exposed me to several fatal flaws in my personal approach to launching the largest solar development for any major U.S. City.  My new approach and greater stakeholder involvement will bring a more sustainable program for Los Angeles and assure that the aggressive goals are achievable.”

               Randy S. Howard, Director of Resource Planning, Procurement, and Development   LADWP


Randy Howard, in this position, led LADWP and the City of Los Angeles from a 4% renewable rate to 20+% renewable rate in his ten years as Director of Power Purchasing and Resource Planning.  His work is a model for the nation.  He is currently General Manager of the Northern California Power Agency.