TheFULCRUM is a social learning platform, community, and path of development for young leaders or individuals who seek to take initiative in the world.

TheFulcrum is based on collective intelligence and guided “self-education.”

TheFulcrum is not a university, corporate training program, or “drop in” community, although it has aspects of each.

At heart, TheFulcrum is “guided self-education” that is highly social and profoundly inspiring.

However participants can only proceed and participate if they do the work. Why? TheFULCRUM is based on what we call “social learning.” This means that each participant is responsible for preparing, as well as sharing responsibility for the learning of his/her 14 other cohort-mates during a month-long topic. This is how almost all people want “the real world of work and community” to operate, so we are practicing on this moral high ground so that we can carry out the changes we see will heal and improve our world.

It is affordable: we are committed to “taking out the money from the learning equation.”

TheFULCRUM strives to take out “The Time Tyrant” from learning:  if a person needs more time to complete a topic, that is available without penalty.  However, without completing the tasks, one is not eligible to take up a new topic the next month.  Cohort-mates may just move on.

TheFULCRUM is also a new social form.

The Co-Founders of Future Insight Maps have both worked extensively in universities around the world. They have shared the experience that rarely do professors teach “Applied Critical Thinking” or “Systemic Thinking.” In some courses, there are aspects of “Self-knowledge for Taking Initiative,” yet our students have told us that it is limited and segregated from “real life.”
TheFULCRUM has the rigor and relevance of those inspired university courses that leave students wanting to take them again.

It is not like a university in that it is not bound by financial and calendaring and accreditation dictates. Participants who complete a topic can ask for a “Certificate of Completion,” and use their own work as an evidence-based portfolio. Our topics can be re-taken because our students have told us that they WANT to take them again….there is such depth and relevance to the topics.(The Universities won’t allow it because it didn’t fit into their financial models and accreditation demands.) We don’t penalize anyone for re-taking any topic: the point is to trust individual participants in the community to take up the work and apply the ideas for their own benefit and the benefit of their communities, families, and organizations.

As “Social Architects,” Bruce McKenzie and Jane Lorand have also taught in corporate “training” programs and in other professional development conferences and venues. They have found that the design and timing of these programs is tailored to meet the needs of the employer, whether it is government, corporations, or the NGO organization. Corporate training may also be designed to meet the needs of existing employment contracts or union conditions. It may be tied to performance reviews that link to promotion or salary increases.

The “whole person” is rarely included: mostly what we’ve seen is that the “deliverables” need to tie directly to the stated mission and current strategic plan. TheFULCRUM is about supporting individual human beings to develop as they choose within their own context and culture. They sign up for topics on their own schedule and devote time as they choose. If they want to take two topics they can. If they want to take a “leave” for months or years, fine. They are free to do so, no questions asked.

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theFULCRUM focuses on “HOW” we think;
it leaves the “WHAT” we think about to the
discretion and interests of the individual.

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If you are interested in participating in beta testing, feel free to contact or